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DIG DEEP - The Pathway Beyond the NFL Draft



DIG DEEP is the story of 200 NFL Draft hopefuls that meet every year at The College Gridiron Showcase in Texas. Spanning over 75 Universities in all collegiate divisions across the nation, The College Gridiron Showcase is the most comprehensive draftee training camp in the nation, some would say. While most player pedigrees, or lack their of, may not earn them the spotlight of their 1st Round competitors, lack of media attention does not mean lack of talent. Dig Deep is about the essence of football itself, the true meaning of competition among men. Many will come, some will get drafted, all will fight with the heart of a CHAMPION. Welcome to DIG DEEP, the pathway beyond the NFL Draft.

Genre | Documentary, Sports, Drama

Run Time | 55 Minutes

Written By | John Strawn

Directed By | John Strawn, Travis Littig

Produced By | John Strawn, Jose Jefferson